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Edit-DB ver 2.05.016, Doc ver 2.05.016

10.7. HSQLDB (Hypersonic)

The default port is 9001. To use another port in a database connection, append it to the Server setting, separated by a colon, in the login dialog, i.e.
servername:port or

Support for HSQLDB (Hypersonic) is not as mature as for other database types. The object types currently supported are Tables and Views.

Edit-DB can connect to an HSQLDB database server. It cannot open up a filestore itself as a database. It does not use secure or http protocols. A server and database (a.k.a. alias) must be specified in the login dialog. The database must match one set up in the HSQLDB server in the server.properties file. Edit-DB does NOT create a new database if the specified one does not exist.