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2.3. Viewing a Record

The Employee table does not contain many columns, so every column will normally be visible in this multi-record display mode. However, many tables in production systems will contain too many columns for them all to be visible in this mode without having to scroll horizontally.

An alternative is to reduce the number of columns being displayed. A quick way of doing this is to un-check the column selector for the columns that you do not want to see. Then press the Requery button.

The column selector

An easier alternative for viewing individual records is to select a record and view it in the single-record display mode. To do this, select the record using the check-box alongside the record, then press the Go button.

The record selector

Alternatively, just double-click the record selector check-box.

The selected record is now displayed in the single-record display, still within the Object-Detail frame.

The single record display

It is likely that most records will now be able to be displayed without any scrolling. For records with a large number of columns, it may be necessary to scroll vertically.

To return to the multi-record display, press the Back button within the Object-Detail frame. N.B. Pressing the browser's Back button gives unpredictable results.