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(c) Nigel Maddocks, 2007
Edit-DB ver 2.05.016, Doc ver 2.05.016

2.4. Editing a Record

Records that can be displayed in the single-record display can also be edited by pressing the Edit button which re-displays the selected record for editing as follows.

The single record display for editing

The Salary value can be changed to, say, 12500, and the record updated by either pressing Enter or the Update button.

Other operations that can be performed on this screen include:

After updating the record, press the Back button to return to the multi-record display.

n.b. The multi-record display is not automatically updated with the new values as the Back button uses the browser history cache to present the screen. The behavior is by design in order not to put unnecessary demand on the database server. To see the latest data in the multi-record display, simply press the Requery button.

To set the single-record display to default to Edit mode, then from the multi-record display set the Edit/View choice to E.

Selecting the default mode for the Single Record display