Edit-DB Edit-DB
(c) Nigel Maddocks, 2007
Edit-DB ver 2.05.016, Doc ver 2.05.016

3.3.1. In-line editing

Edit-DB supports in-line editing within the multi-record display. To enable this facility set the Edit/View default to Edit

Selecting the Edit/View default and the double-click cell action to Edit Selecting the Double-Click Cell Action

Double-click the record cell that you want to edit, and the display changes as follows from

Inline Editing 1 to Inline Editing 2.

The column value can be changed as desired. Inline Editing 3

On pressing Enter, the record is updated and re-displayed in the usual fashion with its new value. Inline Editing 4

If there are any errors on update e.g. column not large enough for content, or referential integrity problems, then these are displayed to the user. Inline Editing - Error display.

To cancel out of editing a column value, press the Esc key.