Edit-DB Edit-DB
(c) Nigel Maddocks, 2007
Edit-DB ver 2.05.016, Doc ver 2.05.016

3.3.2. Navigation within a set of records

Edit-DB has the facility to navigate within a selection of records in order to view and/or edit them.

First, select the records in the set by checking the record-selector check-boxes. Next, ensure the Edit/View selector is set to the mode you want as default, then press the Go button.

Multiple record selection

Each record in the set can be viewed and/or edited using the single-record display, with movement through the set enabled using the navigation buttons at the top of the screen.

Navigation through a selection

While working with the set of records, each record can be viewed, edited or deleted, or new records added (which will not themselves be included in this set).

After you've finished working with the set or records, press the Back button to return to the multi-record display.