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6. Triggers and Indexes

To display a list of Triggers or Indexes for a particular database or schema (and owner depending on database type), select Triggers or Indexes from Object type in the Object-Type frame, having ensured that the other selections to the left, labelled Database or Schema (and Owner depending on database type), are completed.

A Trigger or an Index is related to a particular Table. The list shows all Triggers or Indexes within a sub-heading of the Table to which they relate.

The list of Indexes is further enhanced by displaying, to the right of the index name, the columns comprising the index. The frame border between the Object-List frame and the Object-Detail frame may need to be moved to the right in order to see this information. Columns know to form part of the primary key are suffixed (PK) and those comprising part of a unique index are suffixed (U).

List Triggers

List Indexes

The Trigger or Index definition can be displayed by clicking the listed object in the Object-List frame.

Trigger display
Index display

The Trigger can be deleted by pressing the Delete button and confirming.

The Trigger can be edited by pressing the Edit button.

Trigger edit

On pressing Update the Trigger definition is updated. If the update fails, then the error message from the database is displayed, and the definition can be further modified.

Note: Oracle will often accept invalid object definitions and only present the problems when the object is used.

Edit functionality is not yet available for indexes.