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Edit-DB ver 2.05.016, Doc ver 2.05.016

9. Other features

Selecting the Style

The application can be rendered in alternative styles by selecting from the style choice drop-down in the Object-Type frame

Selecting the style

Opening the Object-Detail frame in its own Browser Window

The object selected for viewing from the object listing in the Object-List frame, is displayed in the Object-Detail frame. It can be opened in its own browser window by using the context menu and selecting an ...in new Window option. This feature is particularly useful when wanting to compare the contents of different tables. A number of tables can be opened in their own browser windows and re-sized and positioned to give a tiled view.

A table's context menu

n.b. Style changes will not be applied to child browser windows which are already open.

Other Object Types

The Object type selector may contain other options such as Local Temporaries which have not been individually documented here. They should be treated as tables in the first instance. If you consider that there are object types of particular interest to you, which should be treated in a particular manner, then please contact us.

Row Highlighting in Tables and Views

When making comparisons between rows in the multi record display, one often has to scroll horizontally as the records may be quite wide. Rows can be highlighted to help comparison by double-clicking in the cell which contains the row-selector. Take care not to double-click the check-box itself otherwise the row appears in the single record display. The highlighted row will revert to normal if the row-selector cell is double-clicked again.